Is Odysseus a complicated man?

“Sing to me of the man, muse, the man of twists and turns.”

The quote above perfectly highlights Odysseus’ complicated nature. Odysseus goes through a series of adventures where we see him mature from a young, witty trickster to a wise and noble man. He learns to value his family and home more than the glory and honour of war and adventures. This is suggested near the end of the poem when he shows great self-restraint as the suitors are harassing him. Yet, there are still instances where we see his flaws arise again such as being a ‘trickster’.  For example, right before being harassed by the suitors,  he tells this elaborate lie to Eumaes in order to test his generosity. The only reason he uses this roundabout way is that he enjoys the thrill of it However, Odysseus’ development and growth as a person are more realistic that way. The reader can see through hero Odysseus’ struggles, that letting go of bad habits is a complicated and difficult process.

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