Pottery – final reflection (Lo2)

LO2- Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process.

After my first project, I continued to make several more pieces. Some things that I’ve learned about pottery are:

  • It is best to sculpt your piece in one session or two (otherwise, it will harden and become much harder to shape)
    • If you are making a sculpture in more than one session,  wrap plastic around it to prevent it from hardening too much
  • Make sure 1) your pieces are not too thin 2) you use enough slip(water and clay mixture) to stick on each piece.
    • After I fired my first project, the vines broke at some places because they were too thin and the apple fell off because I did not use enough slip. An image of my piece is shown below

After learning these things, I made pieces much quicker and they did not break nor crack anywhere.

Below are two other pieces that I’ve created:

In conclusion, not only did  I learn a new skill, but as the weeks passed, I also slowly began to think of pottery as a way to relax and think about something else other than schoolwork. This change in my mindset really made the last few weeks of pottery very enjoyable.

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