Mentor Video

I was tasked with creating the 11GPs mentor video, the point of the activity was both to team bond in our mentor class and also introduce our mentor class to the grade. At first glance the task seems simple, we (as a mentor class) quickly found that it was not. Our first challenge came with coming up and agreeing on an idea that suited everyone in the class, through collaboration and communication we worked together to brainstorm plausible ideas, in the end it came down to High School Musical and the Friends theme song. After some discussion we decided to imitate the friends theme song. We quickly found out that other classes had the same idea, so to be original we decided to change plans. Long story short we finally decided on the iCarly theme song. Once that was chosen things went somewhat smoothly. Since I had the camera equipment, I had to bring my stuff into school; I brought my Canon 80D and my GoPro Hero 5. We went out as a class to gather some footage and then we had a pancake party (in which we filmed). After I had ample footage I was able to use Adobe Premier Pro CC to edit the video. While I’ve used editing programs before such as Sony Vegas and Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premier Pro was a new experience. I had to take initiative to learn and practice the software, this meant the video took much long than first anticipated. To be noted I didn’t mind as I enjoyed learning and practicing the software;  the skills will come in handy later in the year. In the end I really enjoyed the process of making the film and also I think the final product came out quite nicely. In addition our class bonded and are closer together than when we started.



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