Emotional Intelligence and Visualisation Task

In this task we are asked to give the different characteristic that I admire and dislike, I thought of people I enjoyed and those I didn’t. From there I narrowed it down to what exactly was it that I liked/disliked about that person. This is valuable learning as it can help me identify what type of person I want to be and what I don’t want to be. Through this activity I’ve gotten a better idea of the traits I have already and can plan to get where where I want to be as my “best” self.

Characteristics of People I Admire 

  • Drive / Grit
  • Organization
  • Commitment
  • Funny
  • Able to take some criticism and humour
  • Able to connect with people
  • Able to put in the effort
  • Spontaneous yet well thought out
  • Able to just say yes to things
  • Intelligent but like able to have a good time too
  • Can be quiet and relaxed but also can be loud and fun
  • Strong sense of commitment to care


Characteristics I Dislike

  • Doesn’t talk / Unsociable
  • Closed minded people / one mindset
  • Bias people
  • People who give up on things easily
  • People who don’t give things a chance
  • Pessimists
  • People who give them self too much self hate
  • Two sided personalities
  • People who keep things to themselves when they should really share despite being very close friends


Visualisation myself in the future:

During this visualisation activity I saw myself, celebrating my birthday with my family and friends. I had a small-ish house in the USA, somewhere near the ocean but high above, and it was pretty cold, but I had a fireplace. The house had a lot of windows, and it was designed by me to fit my needs and everything had a place. It was a smart home that had a lot of small things that are probably overlooked by most but I know about them. It was organised and comfortable, a place where anyone can chill and relax, but also focus and work. On a wall I saw a picture collage of photos of people I care about, places I’ve been to (which was vast). I saw myself as a pretty successful person, with a more than comfortable enough amount of cash to fund things I wanted, as well as give to others. I was smart, using my education and resources to fund my small projects; mostly technology and enterprises based. I have a collection of small odd stupid inventions, that I have up-taken and completed. I still worked out on a regular basis, I participated in triathlons, every once in a while. I had many friends and close friend group, which have the same type of mindset as myself. I’m generally pretty happy, hardworking at things I love with people I love.

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