Swimdonesia Poster // SurfAid GC

Swimdonesia poster on D block community board

As part of the GC SurfAid, I was tasked with creating the annual event (now called), Swimdonesia. Despite being good with pages and some design knowledge I’m by no means a graphic designer, so this was some-what of a challenge. Not knowing much information I started with a very basic simplistic design, that frankly didn’t take me all that long. After I sent the first draft out, it carried on for quite a lot longer, things that needed to be added or changed. This required a lot of communication between myself and people like head of service (Rick Hannah), secretaries of service (Julia Chapman), GC Supervisor (Robbie Jefferson), and GC president (Ben Lim). It also took perseverance to stick with it, adapt, and overcome the design challenges that came with changes.

The other thing I had to do was print the poster out, this was actually harder than first anticipated. Due to my decision to use an interesting font, I had to go to the printing center for technical reasons. I printed in A2, A3 and A4. I then got to hang the first poster in the stairwell of D block (shown in photo)

Overall it was a fun thing to do and helps me hone different graphic and communicative skills for the future.


Final Poster PDF

Postor Iterations 1 – 3 (final)

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