Dance Showcase 2019 // Photography

I was recently invited to take photos at the annual Dance Showcase, which gives students an opportunity to perform and show off their own creations. This years topic was “break free” which students could interpret in their own style. There were original pieces which emphasised themes such as: slavery, woman empowerment, mental health, and many more. I thought all of them were amazing and impactful.

Taking photos was definitely not as easy as some other times. Due to my normal other photographers being busy, I had to run solo. This was my first session where it was just me taking photos. It was quite intimidating. To put myself out to get the best shots, is very tiring work and usually it is nice to have someone with me, as the expectation is split between each other. If something goes wrong it’s all on me, which is pretty stressful. But overall I think it went pretty okay, my only wish was that I stayed for the entire show. As I had SEASAC swimming the next day I simply couldn’t stay until the end of even one (of the two) performances. What this meant was I got limited photos and I may of missed people who were later in the show. Next time I’ll attempt to plan my schedule better, but some times sacrifices must be made for my own heath and performance. This was highly unfortunate, but in the end it turn out okay and I really like some of the photos.

There was also some added stress as I had to edit the photos pretty quickly after SEASAC as there was a lot of people who required the use of them. That wasn’t as fun but I got through it, and it wasn’t as bad as other events such as Culturama or Kahaani where I had hundreds more photos. Overall it was a learning experience and I gained a lot more independence and confidence in my abilities as a photographer.

Learning outcomes and reflection questions topics included:  

  • Big picture (Goals, Action and Learning)
  • LO 1 AWARENESS (Increased awareness of strengths and areas for growth)
  • LO 2 CHALLENGE (Undertaken new challenges)/NEW SKILLS (Developing new skills)
  • LO3 INITIATIVE (Planning and initiated activities)
  • LO 4 COMMITMENT (Showing perseverance, resilience and commitment in activities)
  • LO 5 COLLABORATION (Working together to achieve an outcome)
  • LO 6 GLOBAL VALUE (Engaging with issues of global importance)
  • LO 7 ETHICS (Considering the ethical implications of actions)
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