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To what extent is the knowledge we employ to justify ethical decisions influenced by culture and emotions?

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I feel as if it depends on the way you were raised and the environment around you. (Nurture) An example Ms. Gonzalez gave as if you were in a car with your mom and you were driving and you see another van with 7 kids in it. You see that you are just about to crash into the other car but ur only other option is turning away but hitting a tree killing your mother instead. Would you rather kill your mom or those other 7 kids you don’t know. Personally I would prefer to save my mom rather than those kids because I have a more personal connection with my mom. Besides the fact that you are killing 7 people instead of 1 because to you 1 person means more than those 7 others. Maybe the fact that you were raised to love ur family more than anything else like I was, may have an impact too. I also think it depends on the type of decision and how fast you have to make the decision in. Lastly the society around you will have some kind of effect as things such as the local law will play a role and the people around; what they would think about you afterwards.


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