Trying to live Ethically

Trying to live ethically

First of all I do agree on how it is impossible to live ethically when it comes to thinking about where our things come from and how it affects others. However we should be able to enjoy our lives when it comes to the way we live. Though we probably never thought about where our things come from in the past and the labour it takes to make those things but sometimes I think we need to consider about the things we do and buy. I have had many people telling me not to buy some kind of specific brand or specific thing because they were made with child labour or is going for poaching. Example of this would be when I was with a friend once and his mom told me not to buy Under Armour products because they support poaching. I knew at that moment it was bad which is why I never bought Under Armour products or even consider it. Another example would be when I bought some replica shoes in the Philippines which came from China. I always new that this was made with child labour but those shoes made me look “cool” around my friends because it was a replica of an expensive shoe. I guess when it comes to things like these and where it comes from, you always think about yourself before ethics of things.

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