Greek Short Documentary

Greek Short Documentary about Refugee Crisis

My first impressions about this documentary were pretty straight forward. “Oh cool a man and his coast guard team are helping out some refugees on a boat.” I didn’t really know what was so special about it because this kind of thing happens all over the world. I am not saying that I don’t care, I do think that it is pretty interesting that a man from Greece spends his time and effort saving others who don’t have a home, and welcoming them into his small town. I think that the man was an example of Altruism as he was putting the wellbeing of all those refugees above his own. Trying to save all of them while he is suffering mentally after what he has seen. For what I saw in the short documentary, he didn’t really gain anything from saving all those people. More so for the others than him. And considering that he does that everyday and saves around 3-4 thousand a day is pretty insane. Dealing with dead bodies and people who are dying. Towards the end, there was a man in the background who screamed “We can’t go through this alone, the world needs to know about this,” and I really do agree because as the lady said that the hospital was full of children and other people. The island needs help. I am not sure what the documentary shows about faith but it had a short few seconds of a religious picture and I think the man is just trying to be a good man and live up to the upper being’s potential. But like I said, no clue.

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