Marc Nair, the Singaporean Poet

Marc Nair who is a Singaporean poet recently┬ájust visited our school to talk about his work. Something which I really liked about his work is he makes poems and takes pictures of real life issues and raises awarness about them. Towards the end of his presentation, he sung to us one of his songs about cliches which to be honest was pretty good and pretty funny. Well beforethis presentation, I wasn’t really into poetry as I it just didn’t really attract my attention. Now, Marc Nair who is a spoken word poet shown me that it actually conveys a message aswell as relates to lyrics in a song. Being someone who is really into music and always has an earbud in my ear listening to music as I really relate into the lyrics the song. I love the fact that poetry can help me release some stress and get things off my mind and onto a piece of paper. If I was being honest, I was expecting a cheesy talk about deeper meanings about poems and the story about pictures but it turned out to be what I expected except something I can relate to. Something that Marc said is that when you are just starting out, you always tend to write about yourself and there is justso much to write yourself about.

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