Mukul Deva: The Science of Making a Story

I have never been really much of a reader or writer. I always tried to walk the other direction when it came to story writing, reading books and etc. The main reason I never really wrote much was because I didn’t know how to start what to write about. During this session, Mukul Deva showed us the fundimentals when it came to story writing and how to start for each genre.

The fundimentals of story writing:

  1. Know what your plot is.
  2. Where will your story be set.
  3. Characters
    1. There should be a point of view character.
      1. Around 3-4 POV characters
  4. What happens in your story? (Incidents)
    1. Tension, Desire, Danger and etc
  5. Describe your character through a moment

And afterwards break everything into chapters.

*What story are you telling.

*How are you going to tell the story.

During the session I didn’t really have any questions besides why he doesn’t visit his companies. I know that he answered it saying because he is lazy and he trusts him employees.┬áThis session made me rethink if I should write again. Because I of his skills that he has shared with us, I could try it out again.


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