The Art of Media

How I got into Film

I have always been interested in the creativity aspect of photography and film. Actually right after my grade 9 trip to Bhutan, I decided to make a short video about what the experience is like. My video was not great, it was my first ever video I have ever created using Adobe Premiere Pro and to be fair, I did not really focus on getting any footage during the trip. Two years later, I am now a HL film student because after discovering Adobe Premiere Pro, I actually really got interested in film. At the same time, I have a few friends who are really interested films which got me into it too.

How I got into Photography

Due to the fact I am interested in Film, I decided to try photography not only for my CAS requirement but also just to experiment with a new hobby. I have not actually started just yet because my “Changing the World Through Photography” activity does not start until Season 2 of activities. Although I have started taking photos on my phone but not just random photos, I am trying to see if I can portray some sort of story through them.

I am planning on getting my first DSLR camera in a few weeks which will help me with both my photography and film so I can really get into it.

Just recently I was able to try out Adobe After Affects, Photoshop and Lightroom which will help me with both film and photography.

My Bhutan Film from 2017

Why I Run

On November 30th of 2019, I signed up for my first ever half marathon for Standard Chartered. Just recently, towards the end of August is when I started my race preparation. In the past I used to run cross country just as a hobby and stopped during 2018 but in the beginning of 2019 I signed up for track and field which did not go well for me. I realised that I was struggling a lot compared to how I used to and out of shear shame and humiliation in myself I decided to drop out of track and field a session in. Due to that I forced myself to join a 10k run with just 4 weeks of preparation because I really needed to turn my fitness back around. Unfortunately 4 kilometers in, I rolled my ankle trying to take over someone which caused me to walk the rest of the race. As of now I am trying to redeem myself by starting to run again and making sure that I put my time, effort and dedication into running as I did before so I feel prepared for my half marathon.

Emotional Intelligence

In class we were told to read this article about the 18 behaviours of Emotionally Intelligent people.

The 3 things I need to Improve on over the school year.

Being able to say no to myself and to others

When it comes to self control of helping others out, I basically almost have none. I always tend to put those I really do care about above myself and my own priorities so if someone asks me to do a favour, I will do it without hesitation, even if that means putting my priorities to the side.

Disconnecting from the Grid

Being 16 almost 17 years old in this modern day world, social media and the media in general are big things in my life as I basically grew up with them. With everything being based around technology in our day, it is very hard to disconnect. If I were to take my phone and laptop taken away from me, I would have no idea what to do other than sleep. I personally get really anxious is different situations and the way I cope with that is by plugging in my earpieces and go through my phone so I can zone out of reality which can be causing more harm than good.

Not getting enough Sleep

I personally don’t get enough sleep during school days. I try to sleep before 11pm and wake up at 6am on school nights which is 7 hours but I feel as if it isn’t enough for me as I always feel tired. Almost everyday the moment I would get home I would take a nap ranging from 1 hour to 3 hours which does take up my time therefore I have to work on that.

Representing People Through Different Forms of Media

When it comes with representing people through literary texts or film/movies I would say it really depends on who is representing those groups of people. An example of this would be how the movie “Crazy Rich Asians” represented asian culture. There are many tweets online of peoples opinions about how Crazy Rich Asians mainly used American Chinese actors to represent Singaporeans. At the same time, the Twitter community commented on how the movie only represented the Chinese asian community. In my opinion the movie is called “Crazy Rich Asians” not “Every Asian” so I would say that it is fair that they would mainly focus on a specific group of “Wealthy Asians” rather than the entirety of asian culture.

In terms of representing a group, I would say that those who are directly involved in that group should have some sort of say when it comes to representing the group of people. For example, the writer of Crazy Rich Asians, Kevin Kwan, is a localĀ  Singaporean and knows about the whole general idea when it comes to the whole culture of Singapore. At the same time if someone else were to try convey a culture that they are not familiar with it would be different or sometimes even factually wrong when they try represent that culture. An example would be if I were to try represent Filipino culture I would be able to pretty well because I am Filipino and I grew up around filipino culture, but if I were to represent Japanese culture, it would be weird for me to represent Japan when I know nothing about their culture.

The article above goes into deeper depth about how Crazy Rich Asians represent a specific group rather than the entire asian culture. – Linking it to the first paragraph.

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