Emotional Intelligence

In class we were told to read this article about the 18 behaviours of Emotionally Intelligent people.


The 3 things I need to Improve on over the school year.

Being able to say no to myself and to others

When it comes to self control of helping others out, I basically almost have none. I always tend to put those I really do care about above myself and my own priorities so if someone asks me to do a favour, I will do it without hesitation, even if that means putting my priorities to the side.

Disconnecting from the Grid

Being 16 almost 17 years old in this modern day world, social media and the media in general are big things in my life as I basically grew up with them. With everything being based around technology in our day, it is very hard to disconnect. If I were to take my phone and laptop taken away from me, I would have no idea what to do other than sleep. I personally get really anxious is different situations and the way I cope with that is by plugging in my earpieces and go through my phone so I can zone out of reality which can be causing more harm than good.

Not getting enough Sleep

I personally don’t get enough sleep during school days. I try to sleep before 11pm and wake up at 6am on school nights which is 7 hours but I feel as if it isn’t enough for me as I always feel tired. Almost everyday the moment I would get home I would take a nap ranging from 1 hour to 3 hours which does take up my time therefore I have to work on that.

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