Why I Run

On November 30th of 2019, I signed up for my first ever half marathon for Standard Chartered. Just recently, towards the end of August is when I started my race preparation. In the past I used to run cross country just as a hobby and stopped during 2018 but in the beginning of 2019 I signed up for track and field which did not go well for me. I realised that I was struggling a lot compared to how I used to and out of shear shame and humiliation in myself I decided to drop out of track and field a session in. Due to that I forced myself to join a 10k run with just 4 weeks of preparation because I really needed to turn my fitness back around. Unfortunately 4 kilometers in, I rolled my ankle trying to take over someone which caused me to walk the rest of the race. As of now I am trying to redeem myself by starting to run again and making sure that I put my time, effort and dedication into running as I did before so I feel prepared for my half marathon.

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