Top Girls: Marlene Monologue – End of Act 3

Angie: Frightening.

Marlene: Angie, what’s the matter? Everything is alright little pet? Just go back to bed okay?

V.O: Oh no, was Angie awake? Is she okay? I hope she didn’t hear anything. I think I should tell Angie. She’s already 15 years old, she’s grown up. She has the right to know. 

Little pet, you okay? Come here and lie down with me. Everything is alright there Angie.

V.O: What am I going to tell Joyce? If she realizes that Angie knows. What is going to happen between them? Will they be alright? Angie. Oh dear, I cannot imagine what she is going through. Angie, oh dear. I’m so so sorry my dear. 

Angie, you’re a big girl. Ignore what your mum said. She doesn’t know anything. You are a strong, independent woman, Angie. You will be just like me. You can visit me one day at the employment agency and I will show you around the building. Is that alright Angie? Your mum is just speaking nonsense, she doesn’t know what she is talking about. Don’t listen to her. Everything will be alright pet, your mother and I just had a small argument about some things, probably had one too many drinks. Just some adult things which don’t really matter. Just go back to bed okay pet? 

V.O: Oh no, what would happen to Joyce if she ever hears about this. If she realizes that Angie heard the argument, what would happen to them? 

Come on now Angie, get some rest. I need to go to bed because I have a long journey back home tomorrow. I’m sure I will come to visit you again sometime soon. If not, come by the office with your mum and you can stay in my apartment. Is that alright Angie?

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