A wild creature that has been known for centuries as the sacred animal of gods in some cultures. However in the western world, they are slaughtered, skinned, harvested for their body purely for the sake of pleasure. Their skin stripped off their bodies for apparel, shaped to fit another species as a secondary layer of skin, ironic isn’t it? Carved and reshaped to cover spheres which is thrown around for entertainment purposes. Tossed to prove which tribe is stronger than the other.

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One thought on “Leather

  • September 15, 2020 at 12:05 am

    Nice one. Yes, when you stop and think about it, leather is a bit odd right – using a creatures skins as a second skin. I had never thought of that. Nicely done.

    It is indeed challenging to think in a new way. Good job.

    When we read out in class, don’t say the title 🙂


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