Steve Dawson and his Interviewing Techniques

Just recently a famous sports interviewer named Steve Dawson came to our school to teach us about the top 5 rules for conducting an interview.

  1. Ask open ended questions.
  2. Set Answers free
    1. Don’t set too many parameters
  3. Don’t interrupt the interviewee and let them talk.
  4. Ask one question at a time. Don’t ask 2 questions in one question.
  5. Listen to the answer.

Bonus: When you are interviewing someone famous, don’t be a fanboy.

My first thought about this was how am I going to use this information and how is this relevant to our current unit about writing articles. But thinking about it, If our first talk about how to interview someone would be useful as we would be interviewing other people and using those techniques to our advantage to get the information we need. At the same time, Mr. Dawson also talked about his own experiences from becoming an accountant to a journalist.

But lastly my big takeaway which I think was the best rule about interviewing is being professional and being patient. Being professional gives you the feel of respect and actually doing your job. Giving the interviewee the respect they deserve and something different compared to who they interact with everyday.

Greek Short Documentary

Greek Short Documentary about Refugee Crisis

My first impressions about this documentary were pretty straight forward. “Oh cool a man and his coast guard team are helping out some refugees on a boat.” I didn’t really know what was so special about it because this kind of thing happens all over the world. I am not saying that I don’t care, I do think that it is pretty interesting that a man from Greece spends his time and effort saving others who don’t have a home, and welcoming them into his small town. I think that the man was an example of Altruism as he was putting the wellbeing of all those refugees above his own. Trying to save all of them while he is suffering mentally after what he has seen. For what I saw in the short documentary, he didn’t really gain anything from saving all those people. More so for the others than him. And considering that he does that everyday and saves around 3-4 thousand a day is pretty insane. Dealing with dead bodies and people who are dying. Towards the end, there was a man in the background who screamed “We can’t go through this alone, the world needs to know about this,” and I really do agree because as the lady said that the hospital was full of children and other people. The island needs help. I am not sure what the documentary shows about faith but it had a short few seconds of a religious picture and I think the man is just trying to be a good man and live up to the upper being’s potential. But like I said, no clue.

5 Things You Should Know About Biology 1

1: First of all you need to know what a cell is. A cell are these very small things that make up anything biological. For example humans have around 200 types of cells within their body.

2: But there are 2 different types of cells: Plant cells and Animal Cells. Plant mainly re used to make energy for the plant and to keep the structure. All cells have a Cell Membrane, Nucleus, Mitochondria, Cytoplasm and a Vacuole.

  • A Cell membrane acts like a door for the for the cell. It controls what goes in and out of the cell. Which means it is also a semi permeable membrane. A semi permeable membrane is a membrane which has very small holes. Sometimes as small as the size of a single particle so it controls what can go through it. It also creates the shape of the cell.
  • The nucleus of the cell is like the brain of the cell. It controls what happens in the cell and the instructions of what the cell is supposed to do. It holds DNA of the cell which tells the cell when it is supposed to multiply and etc.
  • The Vacuole of the cell is what contains water. In plant cells, Vacuoles are normally very big and in the center. It keeps the structure of the cell. In Animal cells, it also keeps water inside but it doesn’t keep the structure because it is too small. Animal cells normally have multiple.
  • Cytoplasm in the cell is a gel like substance which keeps everything inside the cell in place.
  • Mitochondria in the cell is the power house of the cell. It takes the nutrients and turns it into energy for the cell. Mainly found in animal cells but sometimes in plant cells.

3: Plant cells some extra parts which make it unique compared to animal cells. Animal cells have a Cell Wall and Chloroplast.

  • Cell wall is a the outer most layer of the cell which also keeps the cells structure. Think of it like a brick wall: holds its structure and support for the plant cell.
  • Chloroplast is how plant cells make their food. As plant cells need sunlight. Chloroplast is what turns the solar energy into food and energy.

4: Diffusion is when something of higher concentration moves into an area of low concentration. An example of this is when you spray air freshener in the air. From the area where the air freshener was sprayed, it has a strong smell. But when you go to the other side of the room, you might not smell it until after some time and it might not be as strong as the origin of the smell. An example of diffusion in your body is when you breath in oxygen to your Alveoli in your lungs to the red blood cells in your capillaries. The high concentration of oxygen in your Alveoli diffuses through the organ’s walls into your red blood cells where there would be a low concentration of oxygen.

5: Lastly Osmosis. Osmosis is when a high concentration of water moves through a semi permeable membrane into a low concentration of water creating a net movement. There is 3 types of Osmosis. *Happens through Diffusion*

  • Isotonic is when the concentration is at equilibrium both outside and inside.
  • Hypotonic is when the concentration of water is greater inside the cell and the concentration of solutes is greater is outside of the cell. Which means the water would rush outside of the cell trying to make it an Isotonic.
  • Hypertonic is when the concentration of water is greater outside of the cell and the concentration of solutes is greater inside of the cell. For example is I were to put a single red blood cell in pure water, the water would rush into the red blood cell and the red blood cell would explode.

Trying to live Ethically

Trying to live ethically

First of all I do agree on how it is impossible to live ethically when it comes to thinking about where our things come from and how it affects others. However we should be able to enjoy our lives when it comes to the way we live. Though we probably never thought about where our things come from in the past and the labour it takes to make those things but sometimes I think we need to consider about the things we do and buy. I have had many people telling me not to buy some kind of specific brand or specific thing because they were made with child labour or is going for poaching. Example of this would be when I was with a friend once and his mom told me not to buy Under Armour products because they support poaching. I knew at that moment it was bad which is why I never bought Under Armour products or even consider it. Another example would be when I bought some replica shoes in the Philippines which came from China. I always new that this was made with child labour but those shoes made me look “cool” around my friends because it was a replica of an expensive shoe. I guess when it comes to things like these and where it comes from, you always think about yourself before ethics of things.

Global Perspective Pop Culture Question

To what extent is the knowledge we employ to justify ethical decisions influenced by culture and emotions?

Link to Discussion

I feel as if it depends on the way you were raised and the environment around you. (Nurture) An example Ms. Gonzalez gave as if you were in a car with your mom and you were driving and you see another van with 7 kids in it. You see that you are just about to crash into the other car but ur only other option is turning away but hitting a tree killing your mother instead. Would you rather kill your mom or those other 7 kids you don’t know. Personally I would prefer to save my mom rather than those kids because I have a more personal connection with my mom. Besides the fact that you are killing 7 people instead of 1 because to you 1 person means more than those 7 others. Maybe the fact that you were raised to love ur family more than anything else like I was, may have an impact too. I also think it depends on the type of decision and how fast you have to make the decision in. Lastly the society around you will have some kind of effect as things such as the local law will play a role and the people around; what they would think about you afterwards.


Global Perspectives Gender Identity

The environment I say had a lot of influence how I viewed the different genders. Since I have been going to this school for a long time, equality was always a big thing here. And all those programmes on the TV had things with boys and girls. To me there really isn’t stereotypes of boys or girls since everyone is different. I think that your gender identity is very important because it makes you who you are. The way people are being forced to be someone they’re not is just wrong. So I identify as a boy, and the thing is, the stereotypes kind off irritate me because boys are forced to be tough all the time. We have feelings too like why can’t we be sensitive? My dad always tells me to toughen up because i’m a boy, I used to be very sensitive and would cry about everything. Nowadays, people are starting to accept everything about being themselves which makes everyone more comfortable.


1: What are the three most important characteristics of an entrepreneur?

The 3 most important skills for me is being passionate, resilient and being unique.

2: Which one would you like to focus on developing over the next 2 years.

The characteristic which I want to be focusing on is being resilient because when something stresses me out a lot, I tend to give up then. Most of the time I would start something off and never finish them.

3: How will you do this?

I will achieve this by trying harder and by making a business that I am super passionate about. Since enterprise is a whole new subject for me and it is different to what I have done in the pass, enterprise makes me feel like I have to try to feel good about the things I do. By doing something i’m passionate about and trying harder makes me more self driven (resilient) even when going through obstacles.

Dear Future Me

Dear future me

You should probably start trying in IB. Im sure after the first month or so in IGCSE, after saying to yourself “I will get good grades this year” you kinda just gave up. I hope by now you are actually starting to study more and more, hopefully back to video games, hopefully not being a complete loner and lastly grown into a better person. If you did go back to gaming, I hope you’re atlas mg in cogs xD. But if you’re not back into gaming, pathetic… and I can’t believe I’m gonna end up like you. Maybe your hatred for school has died down a little as you need to be smart of IB and getting into a university like NUS.

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