Month: March 2019

PPIS – What We Are About

PPIS is a fantastic service where committed members of the UWCSEA community come together every Friday afternoon to have fun with kids from the PPIS school. The children who come to us are typically of Malay decent, with some being underprivileged. With the myriad of resources that us UWC students have at our disposal, we create the best 1 hour session we can to help liven them up! We play games, dance, colour, go to the playground and more. Join us on our journey to making the children (and ourselves happier)!

SWOT Analysis & Reflection of Session

Christian, Evan, Fayyaz and Aveek’s Session – 11/01/19

Theme : Little Red Riding Hood



After discussing various children’s stories, we came up with the idea of Little Red Riding Hood. The main challenge we had to overcome was keeping the kids engaged and finding a suitable video to use to tell the story.  


SWOT Analysis

  • The story was engaging for the kids
  • Kids were having fun throughout, when we questioned them about the events of the story, and when we played the game with them
  • Kids liked the outdoor play
  • Some of the kids are not comfortable to talk to us YET
  • It’s somewhat hard to tell instructions to the kids
  • Some primary school may still be using the playground which prevents the kids to use the playground
  • Next time, maybe we can play a different type of game with them.
  • When playing in the playground, some kids fell and got sand all over their body
  • Kids are not comfortable listening to longer stories
  • Sometimes the kids get a bit TOO excited when playing games and so they might unintentionally push their friends over.