Month: June 2021

PPIS 2 Interactive Service: What we are all about!

PPIS Childcare Centre supports working parents from lower-income families with affordable and quality education for their children. In 2012  the Singapore government listed 317 non-profit childcare centers about 290 of which are situated in HDB residential blocks. This Service addresses SDG 4 Quality Education specifically target 4.2 to ensure that by 2030  all girls and boys have access to quality early childhood development care and pre-primary education so that they are ready for primary education.


Students in this service organize and lead interactive storytelling and music and movement sessions for 3 – 4 years olds that are fun, interactive, engaging, and educational through live google meet or Zoom sessions. The activities support the childcare center’s curriculum fostering fine motor skills development an appreciation of art and creativity for the students in PPIS 2.


This service provides students with a deeper understanding of the issue of income inequality in Singapore. This service gives the students the opportunity to develop their communication and collaboration skills with their peers but also directly with the children and teachers from PPIS. Students develop the skills and qualities of the Learner Profile as they learn to adapt and problem solve each week.