CAS Reflection: Creativity (HS Arts Club) – Reflection 1

CAS Reflection: Creativity

HS Arts Club

Reflection 1


Learning Outcome(s):

  1. Identifying strengths and develop areas for personal growth.


Since I chose to take two sciences for IB, I had to drop Visual Arts. I’ve been doing art as a hobby since I was very young, and I even took it as my art subject for my (I)GCSEs. Due to the fact that I had to choose double science over it this year, I still wanted to find a way to keep up with doing art because it’s still an activity that I find relaxing yet challenging. Therefore, I think that joining the high school Arts Club this year will allow me to do so.


As I’ve been involving myself in art for such a long time now, I tend to be comfortable with trying new mediums or working to try new things in the mediums I know how to work with. I tend to draw portraits mostly which doesn’t really give me much practice with other things that I could possibly draw. Another common painting style for me to do is to not play much with how the background colour affects the foreground objects, so I feel that by picking a specific sort of theme or aesthetic preference I can use that to try and make the piece look a little more put together. These were just points that I noticed after painting my first piece in the club which also served as a gift for a friend.

I do think that overall I have a handle on how to paint faces in a way that’s catered towards my own stylistic preference, yet as I mentioned before, there are several steps I feel as though I could take in order to improve my watercolour skills further.





For my second piece that I’m working from a photo. Though it does involve painting a portrait, it incorporates a rose in it. With that idea, I sketched several roses so this way I’ll get practice with painting something that isn’t a human face.This is just the beginning of the painting, and I decided to try mapping out the shading first with the colour that I want to portray as the main one (being pink because of the roses) which isn’t something I normally do. Usually I paint the base colours and then add shadows and tints, so I would like to see how this will cause the painting to turn out. This was actually my second attempt, as in the previous one I ended up messing up the shading on the shirt (which I haven’t done here). Clothing is probably another area which I need to work on, as I tend to put so much detail in the faces that the rest of the painting often doesn’t hold the same amount of detail (as seen in the prior photo of the first painting).

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