CAS Reflection: Activity (Kahaani) – Reflection 2

CAS Reflection: Activity

Kahaani 2019 West India

Reflection 2


Learning Outcome(s):

4. Show commitment to and perseverance in CAS experiences. Students can articulate the stages from conceiving an idea to executing a plan for a CAS experience or series of CAS experiences


Now that Kahaani has come to an end, I’m honestly quite sad because though I struggled quite a bit, it was a really memorable experience for my friends and I.


There were challenges I had to undertake personally, such as having to learn a dance by myself over the December break as well as working on the second dance which the whole group does. Additionally, the dance leaders of our group had to change our last dance at the last minute due to complications with the song, so our entire group including the leaders had to learn a new choreography for the last dance. Though it used similar steps from what it was previously, it was so much faster and all of us were struggling with it.


We didn’t have much time left until the day of the show though, so after school every single day, I began using the videos we shot during practice to perfect the moves just like how I learned the first dance. Although, it took me a lot longer and a lot more hard work to try and remember this dance due to its fast tempo and upbeat choreography, but I did it.


I think that after this experience, I’ve really combatted my stage fright, so much so that even my University Advisor told me that I had really become much more outgoing and bold. I was nervous for Kahaani just like I was for Culturama, however for different reasons. In Culturama I was nervous because it was my first time going on stage. On the other hand, I was nervous in Kahaani mostly due to the fact that the audience was actually seated directly in front of where we were dancing as we were performing in the main hall rather than the auditorium. It can be a little nerve-wracking and distracting because I could see and recognise almost everyone I saw, but when it actually came to the real performance, I managed to swallow my nerves and really have fun. Even if I made a small mistake I could just laugh it off and continue having a great time.

part of the final performance

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