CAS Reflection: Project Week – Reflection 2 (Preparation)

CAS Reflection: Project Week

Project Week in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Reflection 2



Learning Outcome(s):

  1. Recognise and consider the ethics implications of choices and actions.


As we’re in the process of preparing for our trip, there are a lot of things we need to consider right now. One of the most important things we should consider is the difference in cultures. The service where we will be volunteering at will most likely be quite conservative and so we have to respect that by dressing appropriately (this being shoulders covered and longer pants). Also, as there is a temple across from our hostel we were thinking of visiting it before we leave for the airport on the last day. As it is a religious area, that’s another place we must remain conservative in case we do decide to visit. It’s important that we respect Thailand’s culture as we are visitors and also, in the case of service, we want to make it a comfortable experience for both us and the kids.

I think our group is quite lucky in the sense that we haven’t had any major conflicts with each other throughout the planning and preparation stages of Project Week and I’d say this is because though maybe our values are different, we all agree on being transparent with each other and respectful. By respectfully discussing our views on things we should do we definitely avoided a lot of conflict and it allowed for us to make group decisions that were mutually made. If someone didn’t agree, then we would try to compromise because having major disagreements can end up impacting our whole trip and none of us want that. In terms of my own decision making, my moral principles are to listen to and respect others’ contributions so the way we handled our decision making was very aligned with what I believe cooperation should look like.

With all of our preparation, we’ve been able to create an itinerary that flows well and I feel a lot more confident in going compared to the beginning of the planning.

(the very first part of our itinerary)

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