CAS Reflection: Activity (Culturama 2019) – Reflection 1

CAS Reflection: Activity

Culturama 2019

Reflection 1


Learning Outcome(s):

  1. Identify their own strengths and develop areas for growth.  


Since it’s my last year in high school, I wanted to take part in Culturama one more time and I auditioned for and got into Germany! Again, the dance style was completely different from what I had done before. From the audition routine we had to perform, I realised there was a lot of skipping and more consistent(?) movement. I’m not sure how to describe it exactly, but I feel it’s more focused on moving in a uniform manner rather than doing specific, intricate movements. Like in this dance, it’s the intricacy of the whole group moving together as well as formations which make it special as opposed to my previous dances where the beauty of the dance stemmed from the intricacy in the movements themselves.

Though I’m definitely not a dancer after doing Culturama 2018 and Kahaani 2019 last academic year, I think I’ve improved for sure. Before I used to get very confused with the moves and formations and I would find it difficult to pick up instructions. This time, however, I found that I’m able to comprehend what we’re going to do much easier and I don’t get as stressed about getting something wrong as I feel like I can overcome it easier than before. However, as we’ve been practicing the dance, I’ve realised that the biggest issue I have is stamina. Since we’re constantly skipping and jumping, you really can’t rest for long and it’s hilariously tiring to even smile once we hit the middle of the dance.

Although, as a few weeks have passed of us practicing the dance, I’ve found that my stamina has slowly become improving, so I feel like if I keep practicing but limit myself from overworking, my stamina can improve a lot more so I’ll be less tired on the actual show days.



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