CAS Reflection: Activity (Kahaani 2020) – Reflection

CAS Reflection: Activity

Kahaani 2020



Learning Outcome(s):

  1. Identify their own strengths and develop areas for growth.  


Similarly to why I took part in Culturama 2019, I wanted to take part in Kahaani 2020 because it’s my last year at this school. I got sorted into a dance with people I really don’t know since they’re mostly in Grade 11, and this normally isn’t really a problem for me, but the struggle comes from this dance being a partner dance. I thought I was completely comfortable with performing on stage by now, but at the moment I’m not sure since my performance in this show also relies on the partner I have to dance with.

While I’m able to pick up the moves when they’re taught to us, my partner sort of struggles with it mostly since he’s not as inclined to take part in the dance. This definitely made it hard for us in the very beginning of the dance. I feel like if we want to improve in some way, I’m going to have to learn to take a sort of lead. Not in the sense where I have to yell at him or get mad at him, but rather I need to learn how to gently push him in the right direction. I think that if we’re able to work better as a team, my own confidence in this dance will definitely improve more. So far I feel like it’s worked and we’re able to work pretty well together despite not knowing each other really well.


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