CAS Reflection: Creativity (The Memory Project) – Reflection 1

CAS Reflection: Creativity

The Memory Project

Reflection 1


Learning Outcome(s):

  1. Demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance.  


This school year, I still wanted to continue doing art and I was going to sign up for the High School Arts Club again, but a new activity came up called “The Memory Project”. The project’s aim is to create handmade portraits of orphaned children in Pakistan. The overall idea is that in creating a portrait for each child, it serves as a reminder that they exist in this world and that they aren’t forgotten. With this being their mission, I came to the decision that a great way for me to finish my 18 months of CAS would be to do art but for a good cause, so I signed up.

In our first session we focused on covering what “The Memory Project” was about and how the process was going to go. We have to finish our portraits in time to send them off in early December, and we’re going to be using acrylic paint to create the portraits. The general instructions are just to create a realistic portrait of each child, however we decided that we could try and create a background which was more creative than just a solid colour so we were brainstorming individually for possible background ideas.


The Memory Project aims to create a kinder world for the children involved, and it made me realise that there were other ways I could impact the world. I normally create art for myself, or for my friends or family as a present, and I always love their reactions whenever they receive it. I’ve always liked creating art for people close to me because to me it showed a lot of care as for me it takes a lot of time to create something I’m proud of. I realised that this was similar to what I had already been doing, but the feelings of the child who would receive my painting would be so much stronger. I’m really excited to create my portrait, and I hope that I can make the child really happy.

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