Reflecting on my first FOA

There were so many things that went in the opposite direction of what I had wanted in this FOA. Firstly, when looking at the process of preparation, due to my extremely busy first term schedule, with leading a culturama dance, being in the high school production and poor time management I was unable to prepare for my FOA on time. This is because I did not break my work into smaller tasks and when I tried to catch up with my work near the end I found that there was an overwhelming amount of research pending.

Take away 1: Break down the task into smaller tasks (create detailed checklist/ to-do lists)

I think this rush in the end to finish it jeopardised the quality of my work. Because although I had my points and evidence I don’t think I was able to articulate it as well as I wanted to. I think I was unable to create a concrete conclusion that summaries everything.

Take away 2: For the conclusion, tie together all the loose ends and make all the final connection between points to emphasise the claim you are making

During the research of the FOA I started to realise the significant impact of the news on peoples opinions. I started to notice patterns in the way media represents certain groups of people. And overall it made me more aware of the issue of misrepresentation in the US news media.

For the future FOA I would want to focus on creating a clear and precise narrative about my chosen topic as well as starting to use more sophisticated and technical language.

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