Pursuit of story telling

*disclaimer* the title of this reflection is more dramatic than the reflection

LO4: COMMITMENT (Showing perseverance, resilience, and commitment in activities)

Sapa Inca!

Any drama production I get the chance to be in is precious and important to me, and just because of how much I enjoy the process of theatre and working with friends it is easy to give so much of myself to the process and persevere. As I had talked about in my first reflection, the hardest part of this process was embodying the storyteller. It took me longer than usual to find a way to portray this narrator, to decide when he jumps back into his past and when he is narrating from the present. It was frustrating because everyone else seemed like they knew what they were doing and they were on a steep gradient of character development, while I was on a flatter one. But I never let myself give up because the responsibility of opening the play scared me, and I wanted to perfect it. This led to more discussions between Isabella and I, but then again I did not want to let her in too much so as to not distort her characters innocent perspective of the world. So this journey felt quite lonely at some points, and especially since I was not used to being so isolated on stage.

Ms. Parr’s biggest note for me was, “ENERGY”, and it took me a while to gain this energy, but I think the wait was worthwhile because when I finally understood what she meant by this ‘energy’ I felt quite powerful on stage, in control of the story, and the audience. I was finally able to comprehend this ‘energy’ for the first time 3 nights before the show when Karina (Ms.Parrs ex-student who is now a professional actress) did a workshop with us, to wake up and engage every part of our body in the acting process. We basically went wild, moving to different types of music. I was then able to harness a similar ‘energy’ into my performance for the first time, 1 night before the show.

Commitment for this activity was a given because that’s what acting is about, and what being in a cast is about. The story we had the responsibility of telling was intriguing and real, and that kept me interested throughout, whenever I procrastinated working on my own character I was reading about other characters and the story.

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