Selling at the cart

Have you ever ignored or kindly said no to someone trying to give you a brochure about something even before you hear them out? I know I have. But this time at service I got to be at the other end, the one receiving that hand raise and quick ‘no thank you’.

NCID cares’ handicrafts cart, at Tan Tok Seng Hospital, has fluctuating sales throughout the week. During our Monday sessions, at least 2 students go to help at the cart by carrying around a basket of handicrafts and asking people if they would be interested in buying it. Since we were in a hospital we had to make sure we were being mindful about who we were approaching, if someone looked particularly closed off or upset we decided it is best to not intrude their personal space. But it was also surprising to see that most people shut us down even before we were able to finish telling them about the cause, although I get it because I have done that before.

After being shut down multiple times I have since been mindful to at least listen to someone advertising their product even if I am not interested in buying it, because honestly, it is the least you can do, especially assuming that everyone has good intent they should at least be heard out.

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