EE day reflection

What I am proud of?

I am proud of taking part in the workshop this morning and being open to exploring bhuto which was so out of my comfort zone.

What I have learnt today?

Today I learnt a great deal from our artist in residence Alys. I have especially learnt about what it means for an actor to be ‘in the flow’ or ‘in the zone’. It means that the actor loses track of time, has light levels of energy, does not think much or put much effort into portraying the emotions or story because it naturally flows. I have also learnt that the Suzuki actor training method pushes actors to work on the edge and export their limits this is where the best theatre and best performances come out.

What next?

Next for me is to make a decision about whether I solely want to focus on Suzuki, or Asian actor training techniques or both eastern and western actor training techniques. I need to make sure that I don’t make my focus to broad as it might be difficult to then fit in the word count.



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