Reflecting on my 2nd FOA

This 2nd FOA has given me the opportunity to implement the feedback I received on my first attempt. My main feedback from last time was to work more on incorporating more points about CARP (context, audience, reception and purpose). This time around since I was talking about the representation of men in Gillette’s 2019 advertisement campaign, which is very well known there were a lot of platforms for me to read about the reception of the advertisement such as articles, videos, twitter posts etc.

Since I was analysing a video advertisement, in this task I got a chance to develop my visual analysis skill as well. The tricky part with analysing visuals is not overdoing it by making farfetched connections between the visuals and the effects it has. I therefore mainly choose to analyse actors gestures, facial expressions, position on screen and the overall composition of the image. The advertisement is around 1.46 minutes and this means that there are a lot of frames. I had a difficult time structuring the presentation because of the amount of material there was to analyse. I was conflicted on whether to analyse the frames in chronological order or to comparing contrasting frames etc. the structural options were endless. I ended up analysing them in chronological order and grouping frames that sent a similar message together, however, I think at some points this diminished the point I was trying to get across because of I was not able to make as many links with preceding and forthcoming frames, as much as I would have liked.

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