Ethics in the slums- a CAS reflection

A little run down about the contents of this video…

This reflection is focused on LO7: -Recognise and consider the ethical implications of choices and actions

I have previously reflected on this learning outcome in relation to my service during project week, but I think there are some really interesting links that can be made with the play as well.

In the video, I talk about:

  • My increased understandings about the correlation between ethics and privilege
  • The ethics of telling a story about real people
  • Judging other’s decisions
  • My awareness of ethics in terms of waste

I am not quite sure if this really pertains to the learning outcome, but I gave it a shot anyway 🙂

P.S please excuse my computer’s maniac fanning


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  1. David Kann Reply

    I love how you notice a challenging aspect of what your trying to do, but don’t shy away from it. Instead you recognise the pitfalls and try to navigate through them deftly. It shows a lot of consideration and care for the needs, feelings, and situations of others.

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