The mix of practical and secondary research was important in the case of my RQ as it helped me make sense of abstract ideas. However, I would argue that the order in which I carried out this research was what made it most effective. By participating in Suzuki workshops without having done much secondary research on the training, I allowed myself an authentic experience. My takeaways from the training were uninfluenced by expectations outlined in the literature on this topic. Once I started to read books, academic papers, and journals that analysed the method I was surprised to only find positive comments about the training. This made me question if there were any limitations to the Suzuki method. My curiosity pushed me to do deeper research, which lead me to Paul Allain’s book where he outlined the limitations of Suzuki’s voice training when it comes to English speaking actors. This also got me thinking about how the training manifests differently into a naturalistic acting style and into Suzuki’s aesthetic, however, I did not get a chance to explore this within my own EE because of the word limit.

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