THIMUN 2017 @ the Hague


One step towards being a global citizen…

– THIMUN 2017 –

THIMUN is a Model United Nations conference, which gathers high school students from all over the world. I was one of the representatives from my previous school (Stamford American International School), and our group represented Sudan. Prior to this conferences, the delegates researched about the country’s political and social point of view to each issue assigned and prepared opening speeches, position papers and resolution, as they do at the United Nation. In THIMUN, we discussed three global issues in each committee and collaborated one another’s resolutions. I was in the Special Committee, focusing on the question of building walls as a form of barriers along the boarder lines. This topic was engaging as a delegate of Sudan, since they are in a difficult boarder situation influenced by the refugees from South Sudan. What is interesting about MUN conferences, is that the students discuss the topic from the assigned country’s point of view, thus we get to learn how to discuss from one party’s perspective, which you do not necessarily agree with.

At the conference, I got to meet high school students from difference country, ethnicity, culture and knowledge and they all inspired me significantly. They were all very passionate about global issues and had various knowledge regarding to the member nations’ political, economic and social situation. Until then, I had never met such a huge group of teenagers, all enthusiastic about international relations and global concerns, so I acknowledged the strong desire of the young generation to make the world a better place.¬†Furthermore, during the conference, Donald Trump restricted visas from certain countries, including Sudan. This was very engaging for me as a delegate of Sudan, however, the Sundanese delegate was shocked, and told me how the people in Sudan are handling the situation. This made me realise that the issues we were discussing were not an issue in an example case study, but it actually impacted the people of many countries, and politicians are aiming to solve or handle these issues by positively/negatively making use of their political powers.

Overall, this experience helped me boost my confidence in my public speaking, as well as paper writing by learning from other experienced delegates. In addition, I realised the importance of fully understanding the history and the perspectives of various countries, because many relate to the global issues we have today. And through understanding, many of them can be led to a solution.

LO1: Identifying own strengths and develop areas for personal growth

LO2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

LO5: Demonstrate the skills and recognise that benefits of working collaboratively

LO6: Demonstrate engagement with with issues of global significance

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