Law Society – hopes and expectations –

Sep. 14th 2017

The Law Society heavily reflects on what I want to do and learn in university, and I chose to join this club because I wanted to gain knowledge and share ideas/opinions with my peers. I was very fascinated when I found this, since there were nothing like this club in my previous schools, and the fact that UWC offers these kinds of amazing opportunities, once again made me really glad that I’m a student at UWCSEA. They let us pursuit the things we want to do outside of class, with supportive and knowledgeable teachers.

I want the Law Society to provide me knowledge of many country’s laws and what influenced their characteristics in their law. I want to know their backgrounds, as well as their impact on the government and the people. I hope it will enhance my interest in law, and get a chance to interact with actual lawyers or law professors.

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