MUN 2017 – hopes and expectations –

I joined MUN at UWCSEA because I’ve done MUN at my previous school, and I loved how they engage the students to the current global issues, and come up with a realistic solution, which is similar to the ones made in the UN. I was especially excited to join MUN because at conferences in Singapore, UWC gets the most powerful delegations such as the US, China, Russia, the UK, India, France or Germany. I was looking forward to representing those delegations and experience speaking as one of the influential nations in the UN.

I hope MUN this year will continue to inspire me by interacting with many knowledgeable delegates, and understand global issues from many state actors’ points of view. Furthermore, I want to become a better speaker, and analyse people’s opinion critically.

In order to satisfy my expectations, I will have to attend to every meeting, and participate in order to learn from my trainers, as well as learning from my peers. I will have to do my research in order to effectively engage in the conferences, and go there with well-written resolutions. I also want to research about my allies and enemies to make effective speeches.

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