PPIS – hopes and expectations –

Sep 15th

PPIS is a non-profit organization that missions to inspire women and strengthen families. It was established by the Muslim community in Singapore, and visions to connect communities. PPIS offers free day care for the families who cannot afford preschool for their children due to their economical or societal disadvantages. In this local service, we are going to interact with 3 to 4-year olds each week, preparing activities and help teach them the things they learn at preschool such as drawing or building relationships with others.

I am worried if I can make a positive impact in this service, because the children we are going to interact with have some difficult backgrounds, and I am not clearly sure what I can or cannot say or do. Furthermore, I do not have much experience with little children, so I am worried if I am going get confused regards to how I should act around them. However, next week, we are going to go to the day care and ask questions to the teachers, so I hope I will at least know what I am going to be doing with the kids, and what I should be aware of.

When discussing about some concerns and questions we have with groups of three during today’s first meeting, we came up with these questions that we would like to know before interacting with the children;

  • Are there any mental or developmental issues we have to be aware of?
  • What do you expect from us?
  • What kind of positive impact do you think we can provide them?
  • What are the taboos when interacting with the kids?
  • What kind of social backgrounds do we have to be aware of?
  • Are some religious? Any practices we should be aware of?
  • Why did you decide to cooperate with UWC?
  • Are there anything that we can provide that you normally cannot?

I expect this service to teach me the adequate way to respond to little kids, and help me understand the circumstance and limitations of the less economically fortunate ones. Furthermore, I hope I can understand what leads to this gap of income in Singapore, and how I can contribute in protecting the rights for the less fortunate.

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