Asian Children Education – hopes and expectations –

Asian Children Education is a global concern where we raise funds to support kids’ education in Bangladesh. Currently, UWCSEA East has been financially supporting four kids to go to school, and purchase the necessary school related things, such as pencils, uniform or textbooks.

I wanted to join ACE because I always feel blessed to have an amazing educational opportunities, and want to help less fortunate ones, who does not get the opportunities as I do. In addition, I believe education is the key to solve poverty or conflict, because education will teach the diversity of ideologies, values, religions or cultures, and eliminate discrimination or other sorts of hatred towards others. I think the lack of education is rural areas in the world, like Bangladesh is a significant issue, because their governments tend to have an ignorant behaviour towards it, or the local community does not acknowledge the important of education, since these kids are a great work force.

I saw many kids working who are around my age or younger, not going to school, either working physically or taking care of their younger siblings. They looked at me with the eyes of hope and envy, and greeted me with the only English word they know, “hello!”. At first, I felt joy by being welcomed, however, as I reflected on it, I started to feel very sad and strongly realised the inequality of opportunities around the world.

Hence, I am very excited to contribute in helping the less fortunate to attend school. However, in order to do so, I will need the communication skills, organising skills and creativity to come up with ideas for fund raising, and raise as much amount as possible.

I hope this GC will provide me the realistic perspective on the lack of education, especially in those less economically developed countries, and hopefully, I will be able to feel the sense of accomplishment at the end of the year by increasing the number of kids who we will support financially.

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