UWC Day – understanding different perspectives from daily learning –

4A’s + Concentric Circles

In this activity, we were provided several prompt questions and talked with pairs in a centric circle. The prompt questions were, for example, what assumptions does the mission make about you? or what part of the course aspire you? This activity made me think deeply about how the mission influences me personally as well as academically. I realised the significance of the mission, since we learn case studies and analyse articles in the course by looking from different ideologies or perspectives. And I think this learning is very important because it is going to contribute in our future, since many of us are going to be interactive with people worldwide. Therefore, I used to think that UWC mission is how we think and how we shape our thoughts and understanding through our daily lives as a UWC students. But now I think it is an essential skill that you can gain through not only from personal and social negotiations, but also from our academics and daily discussions in the class.

Here is the discussion we had regarding to the UWC mission and how we find connection to it.

So, what do you think you can do in the future to carry out the mission of UWC, and inspire the next young generation?



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4 Replies to “UWC Day – understanding different perspectives from daily learning –”

  1. This was a great blog because you made us see how different people think and contribute to the mission but in a more detailed and specific way.

  2. After reading your post, it made me think about how important the UWC Mission is since it is an essential skill like you said and influences me personally. I came to the conclusion that the UWC mission is a very significant part of our school everyday even during daily discussions with our class. Thank you for sharing your opinion about the UWC Mission.

  3. After reading this post, you made me really think about the UWC’s mission and the purpose that it has on its students. I too think that the UWC mission does not shape us mentally but also physically in ways that we never thought about. It is very interesting how we as students don’t always notice it but it is always with us. I feel that your post allowed me to understand the UWC mission’s true purpose. Thank you for the wonderful post!

  4. warre70883@gapps.uwcsea.edu.sg says: Reply

    After reading your post, I now understand that the UWC mission has a great significance in our lives and our future, and that it isn’t only a goal for UWC, but a goal for us as students as well. I can also conclude that it has a big connection to global perspectives, learning and accepting different points of views in the world knowing that by doing it, it will improve the future of society for all of us.

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