• Academic
  • Is Liberalism in Retreat?

    Liberalism ideologies have been accepted and implemented in many states especially after World War 2 because it often leads to free trade, unity in diversity, protection of individual rights and a peaceful world. However, there is a argument that liberalism is in retreat, considering the recent occurrences such as the election of Trump or Brexit. […]

  • Academic
  • TOK Arts Day

    Today was the TOK arts day and looked at art from a very critical point of view. In the morning, the whole grade separated into groups of ten to discuss whether given art pieces should be banned or not. These discussions were very interesting because everyone’s argument differed depending on the person’s cultural/personal background. Many […]

  • Activities
  • MUN@UWCSEA 2017

    From October 6th to 8th, there was a MUN conference held in UWCSEA East, and I attended as a delegate of Iraq in the Legal Committee. I focused on the topic of economic migrants and refugees because Iraq has been accepting refugees from Syria since the Syrian crisis and Iraq itself has more than 2.5million […]

  • PSE
  • How NOT to Procrastinate – PSE presentation

    This morning, Jiayi and I did a presentation to my mentor class with the topic of, “how NOT to procrastinate”. This was related to the PSE learning, and several students from my mentor class volunteered to conduct a presentation and present regards to the topic. Jiayi and I made a google slides, and started by […]