7 Analysis of Collaboration Skills – TEDx

On October 2nd, in TEDx, we jotted down about collaboration skills on seven different post-its with the prompt questions provided with the headings of, substitute, combine, adapt, modify, put to another use, eliminate and reverse.

This activity made me reflect on my collaboration skills, as well as what I should do in order to improve my skills, since in TEDx, it is very important to effectively collaborate with others. We partnered up with our peers and discussed which prompt questions were easy and difficult to answer, and which content of heading will be the most significant. My partner and I decided that ‘combine’ is the most important, because every single one of us in the group will have to be able to apply our collaboration skills effectively along with the skills we think we need in order to make the application process successful.

Under the headings of ‘eliminate’, we discussed what we need to reduce in order to carry out the collaboration skills efficiently, in a short period of time, since we only have 8 meetings left until the conference. I said that communicating with the person you will be going to collaborating with is important, because updating each other with the works done ensures you both know what tasks there are left, and what to prioritise, without both’s work overlapping one another.

Through this exercise, I was able to reflect on my collaborating skills and understand what I have to do in order to improve them.

LO5 : Demonstrate the skills and recognise the benefits of working collaboratively

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