How NOT to Procrastinate – PSE presentation

This morning, Jiayi and I did a presentation to my mentor class with the topic of, “how NOT to procrastinate”. This was related to the PSE learning, and several students from my mentor class volunteered to conduct a presentation and present regards to the topic.

Jiayi and I made a google slides, and started by asking the class why they procrastinate. I listed some key reasons why we procrastinate such as, TV, social media, food and Mr.McGrath added ‘fear’ to the list during the presentation. I thought this was a very interesting point, since I did not come up with it before. Then, I introduced some ways I attempt to successfully time manage, which is by using Google calendar, Google keep and physical weekly planner. I actually use them to keep my updated with my work, and I shared these with the class since I thought they would be able to benefit from this approach to effective time management.

After I presented my part, Jiayi shared some key points to keep in mind such as, ‘don’t spend time planning, make it happen’ or ‘don’t leave the hardest task at the end’. I think they were very important and relatable for many of us.

At the end, I made a padlet page and asked everyone to post a post, with several reasons why they procrastinate and what they gained from the presentation.

Through this opportunity to present in front of the class, I learned that I need to think about the time duration more, however I think we did fine overall. I am satisfied with it, since I think many of my peers were able to gain some information from my suggested approaches and tools for time management, which will ultimately avoid procrastination.

Slides used for the presentation

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3 Replies to “How NOT to Procrastinate – PSE presentation”

  1. Hi Kotono,
    Thanks for sharing your presentation and message here on procrastination. If you haven’t seen the Adam Grant talk on the role of procrastination as well as his thoughts on precrastination, you might want to check it out:
    Ms. Friedman

    1. says: Reply

      Thank you so much for your comment! Thank you for recommending me the video, and I watched it and it was very engaging for me because I consider myself as a ‘precrastinater’. The statistics shown in the video provided me interesting information since precratinater as well as procrastinater do not usually come up with much creative ideas. This was relatable for me because sometimes, I go to a very obvious or typical answers, not much creative ones.

      1. If you liked the video, you should check out his book (I believe we have it in the HS library):

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