PSE Sexualization Reflection

Prompt: Which questions does the presentation force you to ask yourself?

The PSE presentation was about sexualization in the modern media, and it not only highlighted the sexualization of women but also men. We talked about how women and men are portrayed in advertisements and such, and this related to how some teenagers are negatively influenced. Likewise, they introduced the class an example, Amanda Todd, who committed suicide since her ‘explicit image’ spread all across the internet. Furthermore, they also told us about ‘revenge porn’ and how this issue has not been taken seriously but police and such.

Sexualization of men and women have been normalised, and the victims of those have been expected to take responsibility for the consequences they faced. However, these issue occur since it is not taken seriously by the institutions. Therefore this presentation made me question what can be done for these issue to be taken seriously, and not be normalised? Is it because of the young people who allow their own ‘explicit image’ accessible? Or is it because the police is not handling the issue adequately?

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