Meeting with the guest speakers – TEDx

On 20th of November, three of the members from TEDx and two teachers talked with the guest speakers, student speaker and the narrator to give them clear insight to what we are exactly going to do and what the event is going to look like. I was invited to the meeting along with the two leaders since I was involved in the procedures of researching and emailing the guest speakers, therefore they thought I will be able to help them out since I know they information.

Firstly, a man from Pink Dot came and I was very inspired by his story. He shared some stories about the organisations but also his personal stories about him coming out as a homosexual to his mom. Although I was supposed to be in the position to lead his way and prepare him for the event, I was greatly impacted by his stories. His personal story especially went along with our theme, “peace by piece” therefore we encouraged him to pursue his preparation with that.

The second person who came was from Project Food, and since he was an engineer, he told his stories from engineers point of view. Some of the stories he shared were quite controversial and may not be appropriate for school, therefore we faced the hardship to tell that in a polite manner.

Hence, I learned the difficulty in guiding others while not being too involved in their decision making. This meeting made me more excited for the event and to hear inspirational ideas and stories.

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