Dance show at Ola Beach Club

On December 2nd, there was a dance show at Ola beach club in Sentosa, where I danced hula with my halau (school). It was my first time performing in Singapore, even though I’ve done countless shows and competitions in Japan. I was very glad to be able to dance in front of a big audience again because I really enjoy doing so. In comparison to my previous halau, my current one places an emphasis on Hawaiian culture, which allows me to learn the roots and the meaning of the dance and songs. Therefore, I was able to make this show a meaningful one.

Because this show was at the beach club, it included interactive elements, where we invited the audience to join us to dance. We taught them the dance movements and the meaning of each movement. This was new for me because I was teaching others a culture, that is not mine, however, got to appreciate the sacred culture of Hawaii. Furthermore, this made me look forward to the show in March, where I am going to the Esplanade and not only perform but also teach hula to Singaporean locals at an event where people gather to appreciate diversity.

I think the success was that I was able to perform well with all my effort. However, the failure was my inability to remember the lyrics of the first opening chanting. Due to the overwhelming work I had during the week, I was not able to sacrifice my time to remember the lyrics, and it was a little humiliating for me since other dancers knew the lyrics. This reminded me how I have to manage time more efficiently so that I will be able to spend time on something outside of school as well.

To conclude, this show made me love hula and its culture more, and I am excited for the next upcoming events.

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