Lecture by Bernd Lucke at UWC Dover

On 4th of December, the grade 11 global politics students went to Dover campus after school to go listen to a lecture by Mr.Lucke, who is a European Parliament politician. He spoke on the topic of issues of and surrounding EU. It was a fascinating topic to listen to because we were just learning about IGOs and global interdependence, as well as how they can challenge state sovereignty in the global politics course. He suggested that Euro and the fiscal policies may be interrupting the states’ economic growth, and his other points were interesting to listen to because he is from a right-wing conservative party, therefore as a UWC student, it was a great rare opportunity for me to hear lectures from people outside the liberal bubble. I think that peace is brought when everyone acknowledges others’ ideology, therefore the exchanging of ideologies on Monday allowed me to understand more about politics. At the end, there was a Q&A session, and there were some political debates brought by adults, and it was engaging to see how adults from opposite sides discuss politics.

LO6: demonstrate engagement with issues of global significance 

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