PPIS reflection – Dec 2017

In my local service, PPIS, we have already had quite a few session with the kids, and there have been some successes as well as failures. Firstly, the success is that we have been able to come up with plans, which kids seem to be enjoying. For instance, we have brought them to the playground and played with them in the sands, swings or the mini soccer court. In other sessions, we brought them to one of the classrooms and played games such as freeze or duck-duck-goose. Furthermore, we have engaged them in artistic ways by making them draw, dance or listen to music. I think we are effectively playing and teaching the kids as we play games asking them to name the animal and such. Therefore, we have introduced various games and activities, which ables them to enhance their learning.

However, there are some difficulties, because we do not know how many kids are coming to each session, therefore do not know which activities are the most adequate for the whole group. And also due to this issue with numbers of people, some of the students might have no work to do. So, the distribution of work and potential differentiation into groups are the solutions to this challenge. Moreover, this service was the first time to be interactive with kids for some people, thus, people who are being more interactive with kids are very fixed. To avoid this, I think we should encourage all high school students to leave their phone and not talk amongst their friends.

Overall, this service has taught me the adequate behavior that I have to have in front of the kids, and also how we can make them engaged but also implement the elements of learning at the same time.

LO2: Demonstrate that challenges have been undertaken, developing new skills in the process

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