Peace by Piece Jan 20th

Peace by piece event was held last Saturday, on January 20th, which is an event hosted by the TEDx group, joint with IFP. I was a part of the TEDx organizing group, where we started planning from September. Initially, we were planning to make the event a TEDx event, but the TEDx license didn’t arrive on time, therefore became a peace by piece event. We invited several speakers outside of school, and two students to speak for the event along with our theme. I was the executive producer of the team, so I helped to send emails to the speakers to invite them to the event, and also to interview them beforehand the event.

Although I was able to finish my work on time, I think I depended too much on the teachers and the leaders of the group. I think I could have organized the tasks that I have to accomplish by myself, and reduce the amount of work that they had to do. Furthermore, the amount of time they consumed was much more than I did, therefore I should have asked them if there is anything I can do over the week. But, the team overall was very efficient and highlighted the importance of working collaboratively. I think it was essential to have individual roles assigned but to have communication with one another to check the works that we have done.

However, regardless of the negative reflection that I have, the event went very well and many people enjoyed it. I learned a lot by listening to the speakers present as well. During the event, I worked as a welcoming team for the speakers, photographer and workshop monitor. There were some moving-around and changing places, but I got to enjoy each role that I was assigned to. Especially when being the photographer, I learned how to take the photo to make it look engaging as possible to the audience.

In particular, I liked the talk by the representative of PinkDot, because I was there when we interviewed him and I got to see how his story developed into a talk. It was inspiring to hear, not only the courageous work he does for the LGBT community, but also in his personal life as a gay person. I liked the metaphor he used throughout the talk, which he emphasized on the road that everyone is hesitating to cross. It made me wonder what that road might be for me, and he inspired me to be brave enough to take the first step when I find my road.

Overall, this opportunity taught me the difficulties in hosting an event, in terms of organization and logistics, and made me reflect on the lack of my contribution to the team. However, I am glad that the event ended as a success and that I got to be part of this amazing group.

LO1: Identifying own strengths and develop areas for personal growth

LO4: Show commitment to and perseverance in your CAS experience

LO5: Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

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