Kahaani ’18 reflection

I joined the Kahaani dance showcase that we performed on the 25th of January. It was my first time being involved in a school art showcase and I enjoyed it very much even though there were some difficulties.

It was very enjoyable because I got to perform in front of an amazing audience with a great team. Especially during the rehearsals, there was a lot of support from other dance teams and I also enjoyed watching other teams perform. I don’t dance much so this showcase gave me an opportunity to challenge new things, which inspired me to try more new things while numerous opportunities are open.

The time was a struggle for me because, during some of the practices, I had university talk or tuition, therefore had to miss several practices. But at the end, I was able to catch up with it because I watched the videos at home and practiced the dance. Furthermore, I think I had the ability to catch up with the dance and formation quite fast because I had experiences in hula dance. This advantage made me realize maybe I should join culturama next year.

Moreover, this experience made me acknowledge how essential collaboration is in art because this showcase would not have been the same without everyone collaborating.

Overall, this experience was very exciting and made me want to have more experiences in dance showcases, including hula because I realized how much I love dancing and performing in front of the audience.

LO5: Demonstrate the skills and recognize the benefits of working collaboratively

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