MUN Final Reflection

I joined MUN in season 1 with ambition and excitement to interact, not only the people from East but also the MUN community in Singapore. I attended MUN@UWCSEA and MUNOFS throughout season 1 and 2. In both conferences, I was a delegate in a committee that I had never been in before so there was a lot to learn. I learned new procedures of those committees and they allowed me to gain more knowledge on the United Nations. Furthermore, at MUN@UWCSEA, one of the topics was on refugees so the research that I did for the conference enabled me to gain new knowledge and understanding on a significant contemporary global issue. At MUNOFS, I was a judge in ICJ on a case between India and Pakistan regarding national security. I was particularly interested in this conference because it linked to what I learned in Global Politics. It contained concepts such as sovereignty, globalisation, security, human rights and justice. It also fascinated me due to the fact that this conference was based on the actual case that was brought up in the ICJ. Hence, through these conferences, I acknowledged the global significance of the issues raised and acquired more knowledge and understanding on those topics. Moreover, I was able to interpret different position that each state and organization are taking regarding those issues.

Although I learned a lot from those conferences, I did not find the weekly training as interesting as I did last year. I understand the huge number of delegates at East, however, I did not find the training enjoyable nor fascinating. My lack of enthusiasm towards the end may have had influence over how I perceived the training, however, I had so many other activities and school work that I had to do that I prioritised them over MUN. That is why I decided not to join MUN in season 3 and 4. However, I am very passionate about international law, global political issues and debates, hence I wish to pursue and research them in my free time.

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