Glopo EA motivation

I am going to work with an organization called Action for AIDS (AFA) in Singapore. It is an organization that advocates not only for voluntary AIDS check-ups, but also organise educational campaigns to combat discrimination against people with AIDS in Singapore. Their significant contribution in this field demonstrates the government’s dependency on non-state actors. Hence, it will allow me to explore the question, “How does Action for AIDS contributions compare to the Singaporean government regarding the issue of HIV/AIDS represent the rising power of non-state actors in contemporary global politics?”. When analyzing this issue, social interpretation determines the outcome of the issue, hence it allows me to explore gender inequality and discrimination in Singapore; issues that are never discussed by Singapore government due to its restriction on freedom of speech. Unfortunately, I will not be able to know the specifics of the volunteer opportunity until April 13th, however, I wish to cooperate in their voluntary HIV testing centres so that I can explore the significance of economic capability to carry out their medical or educational support. Additionally, I will be able to investigate the communications taken between the Singaporean government and Afa to represent power diffusion in contemporary global politics. (200 words)

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